Monday, January 9, 2012


Hey girls! It's cookie time again. To make it easy, we have posted an order form right here that you can print out if you need it. Orders are due on the 28th. Late monies and orders need to be paid in full at pick up.

Here was Miss. Lisa's previous e-mail regarding details to cookie sales. Please do the bet you can! It is for our troop! (Miss. Flora)


Girls, please DO THE BEST YOU CAN to sell, sell, sell!  The incentives for selling cookies are listed on the second PDF sheet.  The troop can decide whether to "go for the incentives", or to go for an extra .10 cents per box back to the troop!  We will discuss these options with the entire troop at our next meeting on January 19th.  Our troop automatically earns .65 cents per box sold.  Add in the extra 10 cents and the troop has the ability to earn a total of .75 cents per box sold!

All orders and money are due back to either Flora Caputo or me by:  January 28th.  Ask family, friends, teachers, neighbors, church acquaintances, co-workers, your postal person and anyone else you can think of, to place their order with Y-O-U!!! 

The money earned is placed into the Junior Troop account and is only to be used as the girls decide.  Back in November, we discussed goals and dreams of how they would like to use their money.  We will re-visit those goals and dreams with the girls at an upcoming meeting!

In addition to the pre-orders, the girls will be expected to participate in site sales.  The troop will order additional cases of cookies to be sold at a selected site and selected dates (possibly Walgreen's, CVS, Jewel, be determined at a later date...)  There will be a sign-up sheet when the time approaches (dates will be the last part of February and much of March; typically on weekends.)

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